COVID Precautions

Posted: April 30, 2020

COVID-19 Updated Universal Precautions for Patient Care

Dear Mosaic Dental Family,

We are tentatively re-opening Monday, May 11, 2020!

We already, as a daily practice, assure universal precautions as outlined by CDC and OSHA standards of infection control. Our high standard of care ensures that your trust and safety are never compromised.

We are taking extended measures to further protect the entire Mosaic Family, both patients and team, with the following additional protocols:

  • A team member will contact you BEFORE your reserved appointment to conduct a pre-screening COVID-19 questionnaire.
    • In compliance with the recommendations for public health, anyone with a cough, fever or flu like symptoms will be rescheduled for a later date
    • NO patients will be reserved without this pre-screening questionnaire, so we will make multiple attempts to contact you to have this completed
  • Should a guest accompany you to your appointment, we will require them to wait in the car during your treatment. If there are special circumstances that they need to enter the office, please contact our office PRIOR to your visit to make arrangements.
  • We are moving to a 100% paperless system and ask that all forms related to your appointment be completed before your visit. You will receive an email with the needed forms attached.
  • If at all possible, we strongly encourage wearing a face covering to your appointment
  • In order for us to keep traffic in our practice to a minimum, we ask that you contact our office if you are going to arrive more than 5 minutes before your appointment OR more than 5 minutes late.
  • Before being seated for care, you will be asked to wash your hands at one of our convenient hand washing stations.
  • Pre-rinsing with a peroxide mouth wash prior to the start of your care will continue to be done, like we did pre-COVID-19.
  • In addition to our routine update of your blood pressure and pulse, we will also be taking temperatures and measuring your oxygen level with a pulse oximeter; which will be a part of your dental chart.
  • For the unforeseen future, we will only accept debit or credit card payments.

Should more information come out regarding any additional efforts Mosaic Dentistry can adopt to enhance our infection control and patient safety, I will carefully review it to determine the applicability to our practice.

Posted: March 15, 2020

Dear Mosaic Family,

Your health and well-being continue to be our top priority and we have been following the current CDC and ADA guidelines to ensure our office exceeds the standards set-forth by these organizations.  The CDC and ADA believe that dental offices are a vital link to breaking the chain of this virus which is why our position is that of being proactive versus being reactive. Education is power and we are thankful that we have reputable resources available to ensure our team and patients stay healthy.  Although, we continue to operate with business as usual, we want to reassure our patients some of the additional precautions we have taken to keep our team and patients well.

**Per our standard protocol, any and all patients who are exhibiting cold or flu like symptoms; cough, runny nose or fever, will be rescheduled and as an extra precaution, we will not reappoint them for at least 4 weeks.  We appreciate all of the patients who have called us BEFORE their appointments to alert us if they are feeling under the weather.

** We kindly ask that if you recently have returned from travel from another country or were recently on a cruise, you call our office BEFORE your appointment. Dr. Conley will make the determination if it would be best to post-pone your dental visit depending on your origin of travel.

**Our reception area, consultation room, and check-in and check-out are being wiped down a minimum of three times a day using PD care wipes, which is what we use to disinfect our dental operatories. Coronavirus being an enveloped virus, makes it one of the easier one to kill which is why Lysol or Clorox is equally effective, but we want to go the extra mile to ensure complete cleanliness in these frequently used areas.

**One thing we LOVE about Mosaic Dentistry is that Dr. Conley and our hygienists see one patient at a time, which means that our reception area is rarely full of people. We ask that if you want to bring a guest to your visit, it is limited to one person so that they can accompany you into the operatory to help ensure our reception area has minimal traffic.  This is our form of “social distancing” and we find it to be very effective.

**Our clinical team continues to operate and follow OSHA universal precaution standards.  This means that we treat EVERYONE as if they had a communicable disease. All of our team follows infection control guidelines strictly and we have been fortunate to have a sufficient supply of all personal protective equipment to include, masks, gloves and appropriate barriers.  All gloves, masks and barriers are changed between EVERY patient seen. 

*Our entire team has watched the most current Coronavirus training video released by the Texas Dental Association which outlines information about the virus, protective measures, and how we can play a role in ensuring our office stays free from infection.

*Mosaic Dentistry has a pre-rinse protocol in which we have patients rinse with Listerine for 30 seconds prior to our clinical team starting the prescribed treatment. The point and purpose of this rinse is to reduce the number of microorganisms that a patient might release in the form of aerosols and splatter that can contaminate the dental health care professional (DHCP) or patient.

*Thankfully, our entire team and their families have remained healthy, and we all understand that should one of us develop signs and symptoms of illness, to not report to work. 

*Our new welcome when you come for your visit may be a wave or a friendly elbow bump as we want to do everything possible to minimize, if not eliminate hand-to-hand contact. We assure you it’s equally genuine and we are just as happy to see you!

Our commitment to you is that should we perceive even a slight health risk that could adversely impact our patients or our team, we will notify you immediately.  Mosaic Dentistry wants to set the precedenct of staying calm in the midst of the storm and continue to provide THE best care to our patients.  Please feel free to call or email me for any questions.  Stay well and have an amazing weekend!

Please contact me personally with any questions. [email protected]


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