Crowns & Bridges

No more messy impressions!

By using advanced digital dentistry equipment such as the iTero Element scanner, you can now forego the goopy, messy impressions for your dental crowns. Not only does the iTero allow us to take a digital impression of your teeth in minutes, it also allows for faster turn around times from our dental labs.

When a tooth has become significantly injured, decayed, or even lost, a sturdy restoration becomes necessary to rebuild a patient’s smile. For instance, a customized dental crown can be beneficial in a wide variety of situations, from weakened dental structure to a serious tooth fracture. The crown is designed to cover what remains of the tooth and protect it, while at the same time rebuilding its original shape.

Alternatively, bridges are capable of replacing missing teeth in a patient’s mouth. They’re designed to be anchored in place between healthy teeth so that they feel permanent and lifelike. Even though dental implants have become the standard of care for replacement of missing teeth, dental bridges are still a viable option for those people who are not dental implant candidates.


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