Digital Dentistry

Advanced Technology

Digital dentistry is the use of advanced technology in dental procedures using digital tools.  Furthermore, it is the replacement of traditional techniques for improving the speed and efficiency of treatment as well as overall patient experience.


The digital solutions that are majorly used in dentistry are Intraoral Cameras, Digital Fabrication, Digital Scanning & Milling, and Digital Radiography. Digital solutions enable us practical and customized dentistry solutions for our patients.

Intraoral Cameras

These help to generate real-time digital photographs of the oral cavity to expedite the treatment process, allowing for documentation and patient communication.

Digital Radiography

Digital Radiography plays a crucial role in eliminating the excess load of analog and emulsion-based radiography by using discrete values. It eliminates the need for darkroom processes. Additionally, images can be immediately captured, deleted, modified, and transmitted to a network of computers.

Digital Scanning and Milling

Digital Scanning involves optical scanning and rapid 3D image scans of the tooth. In some cases, milling with digital access, allows the dentist to provide dental restorations to patients immediately, without the assistance of a lab or milling center. In other cases, where the milling unit is not available, the digital scan can be sent to a digital dental lab for fabrication.

Digital Fabrication

Furthermore, fabrication technology with digital ability, enables dentists to create restorations ranging from dental crowns, dental bridges, full-arch restorations in an accurate manner in real time.

ITero Element 2 for the Fabrication of the Dental Crown

For your advantage, to show you what the dentist sees inside of your mouth, most dentist use an intra oral camera. Furthermore, with the iTero Element 2 Intraoral Scanner the dentist can now offer digital dentistry and more accurate dental crowns with this advanced intraoral technology. 

iTero is allows the doctor to take digital impressions for Invisalign and other restorations. Invisalign has now partnered with iTero to create a seamless digital impression process. Additionally, one that allows for faster turnaround time for Clin Check’s and tray fabrication. It also gives the patient the digital experiences for their impressions versus the goopy, messy traditional impression material.


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