Reshaping Dental Practices with iTero 3D Scanner

by | Apr 17, 2019 | Dental Technology, Educational Blog Posts, Technology

Technological advancements and research change everything. They change the way dentists perform procedures from detecting and treating cavities, to early identification of gum disease, and preventative measures that can help ensure patients maintain life-long oral health.

Dentists around the world strive to continually incorporate new technologies, equipment, and practices to give their patients the care they deserve.  Dr. Conley and Dr. Azarnoush understand the importance of being selective with introducing new products, services, and technology into their practice, so it is with great assurance that thorough due diligence is done before these things are implemented into patient care.

iTero 3D ScannerWith that being said, we are excited to share that Mosaic Dentistry, is now using the 3D iTero Scanner Technology for our Invisalign treatments, crown and bridge procedures, and night guards.  The iTero 3D scanner has revolutionized dentistry.  The accuracy and detail that the scanner can capture is unmatched. The days of dreading goopy impression materials are gone and those patients with a more sensitive gag reflex can breathe a sigh of relief!

With the help of the iTero 3D scanner, dentists can now take images of the patient’s oral cavity within a matter of minutes.  Clear, precise three dimensional images are produced and saved securely in “the cloud”, which means there is no way you would ever lose data.  At Mosaic Dentistry, a dental health scan is taken once a year with the iTero, which allows us to longitudinally track any and all changes to the teeth or gum levels.

Some of the most notable advantages of using an iTero in a dental practice are:

  • Outstanding precision capturing details of teeth and gums
  • Comfortable for patients because it does not induce a gag reflex
  • Produces high quality 3D intra-oral records by taking up to 6000 images in a single second
  • Instant information displayed about current dental health
  • Better Tracking of Invisalign progress throughout  treatment
  • Faster turnaround time for prosthesis, appliances, and Invisalign trays

The doctors at Mosaic Dentistry are committed to delivering the highest quality of care in a comfortable environment. We love that we can be a part of a patient’s journey to help them achieve the smile they’ve always dreamed about.


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